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Can you practice sustainable Yoga in 2021?

Do you even practice Yoga if you don't own a pair of Lulu's?

Yes is the answer by the way. We need to shift the focus from consumerism in the western Yoga industry and find a way to make our practice more sustainable. Yoga is about exploring a deeper and healthier connection to your body and mind. You don’t need a £90 sports bra to achieve that, but what we have discovered is that some props can make Yoga more accessible to our creaky old, sat-at-a-desk-all-day bodys.

Products to aid your practice

If you are going to invest in some props - try and make your choices from a place of requirement rather than buying into the idea that if you don’t have the most ‘in’ gear then you can’t be a Yogi. Blocks can be an amazing tool for anyone who has little t-rex arms, they can bring the floor to you, a grippy mat can help you hold your downward dog for longer in those sweatier moments, and an eye-pillow can definitely help a busier mind to switch off and step into that dreamy savasana state.

As many as 3 million Brits have tried out yoga since 2019 and up to 500,000 thousand of us practice it each week. So you can imagine the demand for products to support the practice has risen hugely and with it the demand for cheap products. Most of which are made from unsustainable materials such as ethylene-vinyl acetate, which is generally considered non-toxic but it's definitely not biodegradable.

Pay attention to the products you are buying, consider the Yamas of Ahimsa (non-harming) and Aparigraha (non-greed). Try to think about it being a long term investment in your practice & the planet.


Here are some sustainable yoga products we recommend!

  1. Yoga mats made from natural tree rubber - Liforme

  2. Blocks made from cork - Ekotex Yoga

  3. Organic Eye Pillows - Slow Moon

  4. Organic Yoga Strap - Ekotex Yoga

Written with love


Dee & Harriet


I am collaborating with Harriet over at Inka throughout the year and we have lots of treats in store for you - our dearest supporters.

Not only is it important for us both that we are supporting each other as friends but also that our business values align, which we think they do! We want to use this year to help teach, learn, observe & share with our followers. Have a look at our collaboration here.

If you want to check out Harriet's amazing store dedicated to sustainable and ethically made products - for the conscious consumer head to

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