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Weekly Public Yoga Classes

Having not done yoga in a while I signed up to a class nervously but Dee made me feel so at home (literally) and the classes are such fun. She brings a relaxing vibe, with giggles and guidance and I look forward to my classes. I find Dee to be a really personable teacher, and through my 1 on 1 and group classes I’ve fallen back in love with yoga. I leave each class on a total high!


Corporate Group Yoga Class

I booked a class for a work team bonding event. Dee catered to our level of experience, was flexible with availability and really tailored the class for our group. Would highly recommend


Weekly Private Yoga Classes

Another fabulous 90 minute Zoom Yoga practice with Dee McQueen. These yoga practices with you mean so much to the whole family. Today's practice was both powerful and restorative - so so needed. Huge thank you for always being there for our weekend time and that last minute need in the middle of the week. Dee McQueen you are the best.

Weekly Public &
Private Yoga Classes

Dee is a wonderful yoga teacher, she brings a brilliant uplifting energy to each practice. Dee is able to tailor any session to your needs during 1-2-1 classes and I really appreciated the small tweaks she made to my movement that made a huge difference. I have also been loving Dee’s group classes, there is a great sense of fun & emphasis that being present and connecting to your body is enough, you don’t have to be great at everything which is what I always worry about with yoga classes! Dee is so encouraging and offers you praise which is really appreciated, I always feel so happy after practicing with her. She is a brilliant teacher and I would highly recommend a class with her.

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